Written by: Shreyas Hirday

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Swipe Night is an interactive, apocalyptic-themed in-app video experience that was available Sunday nights from 6pm to midnight in the U.S. throughout October. A significant part of the feature involved the streaming of high-production-value video content, on demand, with very little lag. Given that streaming was something new to us and new to Tinder, it was essential that we gained the required knowledge, used the right tools, and ran the correct tests to ensure that we delivered a top-notch experience upon launch.

Content Delivery Goals

There are multiple ways to deliver video content, each involving a different level of…

I am a hacker. I attend Hackathons. I make software hacks. When most of us say “Let’s Hack!”, we usually think of building the next app: a cross between Snapchat and Yik Yak, controlling a drone with a Myo, or some other crazy idea. Most of us sit at our laptop for 36 hours at a Hackathon, trying to figure out why our code won’t compile. We then present our demos, running on Red Bull and Soylent, to some random judges, hoping to win a free Oculus Rift.

But now I’m doing something different. Way different.

Instead of spending the…

Shreyas Hirday

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