A Story of love, a story about discovering the ecstasy of a man’s touch, but not a story of lust..

He did not have me at hello.. no one can, I have developed gates and walls and mountains around my heart, no body could have me that easy. But this man — whom every cell of my body now beckons, had me melt in his warm embrace.

No, he did not have me at the second date, not even at the first kiss, but gradually and eventually, he had me, the full of me, my mind, my body and my soul. My man (I so wish), is a stranger, my man just happened to come across me at a time when I craved the most for a man’s touch, when I craved the warmth of a man’s lips on mine.. My man came across me when I was ready to compromise on fairy tales, just for a man’s touch.

He came.. he looked right through my eyes and pierced through the gates and walls and mountains and kissed my soul. The first time he kissed me, he did not sweep me off my feet.. I was just preparing myself to give up on dreams of happily-ever-after, just to feel the temporary ecstasy of having a man wrapped around my body.

The first time he kissed me, it was a man kissing me so passionately after a long time, and I was thrown into a world of perplexed thoughts, compromising reality and far-fetched dreams.

I craved to be held, and held so tight that the the barriers would crumble under such force. I craved for an embrace that would be so firm that I wouldn’t be able to escape, in spite of all my inhibitions. But my man did nothing like that. His touch was gentle, like leaves that brush against my body, yet leave me ticklish.

He held me like he craved me since time forgotten, he planted warm kisses on my temple, cheeks, eyes, the nape of my neck.. I felt like someone’s dream, someone’s only wish. The inhibitions vanished, I could not wait to be consumed by him, totally and madly. He ran his finger gently along the curves of my waist, caressed the most erogenous parts of me.. the gates, walls and mountains did crumble, he removed them brick by brick, he stirred my soul, he shook me into a state of frenzied passion, such passion was way more powerful than the barriers I built around my soul over the time. My man undressed my soul.. And I never felt so content being so naked in front of a stranger.

His eyes were stars for me, the twinkle ignited my soul, when he stroked my body, it felt like feather gliding all over me, and I could do nothing but lose my senses and give into maddening passion.

He kept his eyes closed throughout the time when we were close enough to hear and feel our heart beat. But I could not afford shutting my eyes, I knew this was not forever, I knew he would be gone, and I could not deprive myself of holding him in my eyes even for a moment. He got me drunk on his simplicity and willingness to let me have my way.

That man, my man for a night, was a dream that came true for a short while. When I held him, it felt like that night I would have the most uninterrupted sleep. It felt like holding my only dream in my arms. That night I kissed my dream, ran my fingers through the hair of my soul mate. The next morning, I said good-bye to a wish.

My man doesn’t know that he is the one, my man is so simple that he will believe this piece is fictional.

P.s: This is fictional, any resemblance to my life or yours is purely coincidental.

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