Love, Death & In Between

Bouts of psychedelic hallucinations and sensations of large embers inside his body. These were the feelings his heart and mind created every time he saw her. She was just an ordinary girl but sometimes ordinary is potent enough to destroy empires.

He still remembers the time when that small, gangly girl with bushy hair and an adorable smile came across him for the first time. Neither did the skies move nor did his heart flutter. Happiness and hope, that’s what he felt when he saw her for the first time.

But, a weird combination of suppressed passion and yearning intimacy evolved within him as they grew together. From little children to adults, their bodies changed, minds developed, but his emotions for her didn’t.

He knew it was not destined to be. She had bewitched him, arrested him, consumed him and the poor guy knew there was no release and yet he didn’t complain.

The outside world was inconsequential as he was happy with her. Her smile was enough for him as were her photographs and messages. He would always show it to his best friend who visited him every morning. ‘Love is the ultimate bliss, isn’t it?’ he would tell his best friend with a smile. The nurse could only nod as she began her shift at the mental asylum.

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