Environmental Graphics- Propaganda, & Picturing Barbara Kruger

Today’s class was extremely interesting as we discussed a lot of interesting topics of different subjects.

Class started with propaganda . According to Wikipedia, Propaganda is communication that is primarily used to influence an audience and further an agenda, which may not be objective and may be selectively presenting facts to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is being presented. We had to present 2 movie posters that depicted propaganda.

For which I chose the following 3.The Uri, The Accidental Prime Minister and Thackeray. Each poster represents depicts propaganda on a particular thing.

Then we watched a documentary on Barbara Kruger.

Picturing Barbara Kruger is a five-minute portrait of this iconic artist. Narrated by Barbara Kruger with an original score by Nico Jaar featuring Kanye West’s “Blood On The Leaves,”

The entire documentary is a masterpiece. The art is terse, assertive, argumentative, pithy and always directed straight at your face.

The phrases used to appear over photographs. The deathless “I shop therefore I am” is printed on a red and white calling card held by a black and white hand. “Your body is a battleground” runs across a woman`s face, advertising an 80s pro-choice rally. “When I hear the word culture, I pull out my chequebook” is engraved on an effigy of a smiling ventriloquist, a work that fulfilled its own irony by changing hands in 2011 for nearly a million dollars.

These are some of the few contagious examples in this documentary. Each art has the potential to affect and mesmerize a large number of people.




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Shreyas Mundada

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