Who we define as “Rich”?

Simple things of life are expensive where I exist,
To find a park where I can sit and read alone,
I have travel to a place further eon.
Clothes are cheap and city folks have them in plenty,
Clean air and water is a luxury,
Buildings are being built all around,
But flowers I can find only at the florist,
They lack a natural fragrance and I have to be lighter in my pocket,
To buy something that nature gave me free,
And man snatched it away from me.
To find my place in a man made world,
I try to adapt and change my course,
But how long I could be like that?
Inhumane being with no mercy.
Someone was foolish to think that we could,
Bring harmony with science and felony,
Selfish we all are, the city folks with money,
And hunger to digest another human’s dreams,
So the rich enjoy consuming the nature,
And think they can keep it away from the poor.
Of your richness you talk too highly,
But I can fly to live like a king,
Into the what’s left in the wilderness,
Out of your expensive reach,
As you fear trading your comfort.