Dear India, 
Happy 70th Independence Day!

I am really proud of you, and trust me it’s not just because it’s 15th August, it’s because I am always. Today we may be lagging behind and are dealing with lot of perils and troubles, but still I couldn’t be more proud of you. We have come a long way from where we started;Broken wings, hurt and separated from the family with bitter terms and the dispute over one of the world’s most beautiful state . When Britishers left us after 200 years, with a limping economy, they gave us reforms like sati abolition, women rights and equality; Equality because they left every section of the society poorer. It was like a toxic relationship, but we still got rid of it. Today, we have become better than what we were yesterday.

When people tell you, look at that country , it’s so clean and strict and what not! Tell them, we are free to keep our own country clean and tidy, and if we can exercise our rights, then we can also do our duties. Duties to respect each law. Be it anyone , laws are for everyone and if they blame you or the government then tell them they are equally responsible.

You are one of the most diverse nation, And I don’t know what I did to deserve a country like you. Yes, we maybe be living in hypocrisy, poverty and lawlessness but we do accept them gracefully, we know our flaws and problems and we also fight against them, but blaming my country for the flaws and problems is like blaming the house for not cleaning itself. Yes, we are fighting for electricity in most of parts of the country but there will be light someday, because we live in a growing country, the country which is young but competing with developed nations.

You have given us a history to be proud of, a culture to cherish. You are the most diverse nation of the world, in every aspect. We have Hills and plains, we have rivers as well as desert and where language, style and culture changes every mile, this is not a country but God’s own masterpiece. We have some of the bravest regiments in the army. We have one of the largest army in the world. We were believed to be one of the oldest civilizations in the entire planet . We have so much to love, instead what do we do? We criticize the nation who has given us so much to live with.

The fact is very few people out of such big population, actually work to bring about a change in the country. The day our athletes hold up our tricolor in Olympics everytime they make her proud, the day you throw trash in the bin, you serve her. In daily life, when we follow rules and pay our taxes regularly these make her proud. The day when you will respect women and create a safer environment, you will make her cry with tears of happiness. She is like the generous mother, she will be happy and proud by our small deeds also.

My beloved country, today we may be young and stupid, but one day we will be older and wiser and I know you are holding onto us with this hope, that one day, it will all change for good. We the citizens , will make you proud, when we will learn to live like a family, we will support each other and no one in our country dies of hunger and loneliness. When we will learn to respect our culture and advance into future with it. When our brilliant minds excel in our own country and when we love you again . If they talk about corruption and other such words inform them, that we are the ones who gave world the idea of peace through yoga and meditation, and we will grow up to a nation and we will help you in it,and you will be better than most of the countries. Us, the citizens will be with you. Female infanticide and early marriage and other evils have come down . We have had female president and female prime minister, we have good female athletes, astronauts, we didn’t cry for women rights, we made them happen. We not only have explored the Moon but also Mars and we have a bright future ahead.

This independence day let us hoist our flag with pride but also pick up the flags which get trampled under feet the very next day. We have soldiers, officers and volunteers working to make our country better, if we cannot help them out, then we should neither be the hurdle. We must act and believe that service to our country is the first step to a better world. If we want to change the country, we must be the change.

Our country is to be loved, because it is our first alma mater, our home.

Let us give our country the service it deserves, let us vote wisely, keep it clean, and love it the way it deserves.

Be the change, we wish to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

Proud Citizen.