Sustainable energy for a greener and healthier India

Polluted air and water are the biggest reasons for health problems in our country, and this has lead to life expectancy to be quite short in our country as compared to our fathers and grandfathers. It is quite common to see teenage boys going bald, or with grey hair well ahead of their years. This is due to the alarming rate at which we are polluting the air and the water in our country. If anyone was to guess what was the biggest contributor to the pollution and the smog they would probably say cars and vehicles, but the biggest contributor to pollution is us using coal and oil to generate electricity.

Alternatives to non renewable energy sources

Now when people are busy burning oil and coal to produce electricity, what they fail to realize is that these sources of electricity take millions of years to form and we are consuming them much faster then they will ever grow back. For this very reason Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation was set up in 2009 to promote the use of renewable sources of energy in India, so that we leave a country that is inhabitable for our next generation. For years Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation has been striving to encourage investors both local and foreign to invest in renewable sources of energy like solar and wind energy.

The biggest source of power is staring us in the face

The irony of everything is that even while we are burning away millions of year’s worth of coal and oil, the biggest energy producer blazes down on us every single day. Yes the Sun! The Sun is the single biggest producer of energy known to man, and till recently we were unable to harness energy from it. At first solar energy was used in a small way to power small appliances like solar powered calculators and watches. Of late solar power can be used for everything from heating water to running powerful air conditioning equipment. In one hour our sun produces enough energy to light one hundred and twenty trillion light bulls for twenty four hours. That’s basically saying that the sun in one hour, blasts the earth with thirty five thousand times the power that everyone on earth using electricity is ever going to need, that’s a lot of power.

The Shakti Foundation

Since 2009 Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation have been working hard to facilitate India’s transition from non renewable to renewable sources of energy. Recent efforts include the solar rooftop policy coalition, where along with a few other organizations Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation has setup a policy to rapidly scale up private investments in rooftop solar panels. Solar power is now generated either by photovoltaic cells or concentrated solar power, both are effective at harnessing the sun’s energy, and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation in India is responsible for the promotion of both these types of technology and bringing them to India. Due to the never-ending efforts of organizations like Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, by 2050 most solar installations are predicted to be in India and China.