Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding, especially in a country like India where wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life can be a very hectic affair. As enjoyable as the experience may be, wedding arrangement can really drain one’s energy. India is a country of fairytale weddings. The phrase ‘big fat Indian wedding’ is enough to give you an idea as to the enormity of the event in the lives of the two families. As a wedding is not only between the bride and the groom but is a coming together of two families, it also demands a lot of physical and emotional investment.

Weddings can get totally crazy at times but it is what is so charming about weddings. One never gets bored of all the excitement and high energy that keeps people on their feet day and night. As weddings in India are opulent, full of colours, bright and vibrant, not only Indians but also foreigners like to get hitched up in India. The sheer majesty of the wedding gives an almost surreal feel to the whole affair. While all may be seem to be good about a wedding, there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind to avoid any hiccups in the way:

1. Budget

Planning a wedding in India, without deciding on a budget can prove to be disaster for you after the fairytale turns into reality. As much as you might like to order just about anything you like, you have to be well within your limits in order to avoid crying buckets after you are done with the wedding. An unplanned wedding can burn some serious holes in your pocket, one that might get difficult for you to pay. So, don’t get into the temptation of hiring without realising if it falls within your range. How can you choose what you want when you do not know how much you are ready to spend?

2. Guest List

Do not go on inviting people because you are too happy about your wedding or have too many social obligations to fulfil. Once again, keep the budget sheet in front of you so that you know how many people you can accommodate at the venue as every extra person that you invite costs you extra space and food. Do not be so generous that you might end up having a long list of bills in hand. If your budget can accommodate hundred people, do not go up to 150. Extra people will put extra burden on your budget. As it is, Indian weddings cost tonnes of money even if it is arranged on a small scale. So, decide on the guest list before you see too many people at the venue.

3. Choosing the Venue

Do not choose a venue that lies in a far-off land. Choose a place that lies somewhere in the centre of the city so that it is easy for the guests to locate it. You would not want guests getting lost and not reaching the venue on time. After all, a wedding is not as much fun as it is when we have our dear ones with us at such an important occasion. So, make it easier for them to reach you.

As we know how crazy the wedding season can get, the best wedding planners in India advise their clients to get ready with their lists so that they don’t have to make last-minute arrangements and deal with messy situations. Keep yourself calm and do things well in advance so as to enjoy each moment of the event.

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