Preferences and ‘likes’

I prefer tea to tomato soup. Some prefer, say, lemonade to tea. Rest have their various preferences. Today we are going to talk about preferences, well at least I am, and how we respect them with all our hearts.

I’d rather talk about tea and coffee, and the snacks that go along with them…

…but today we are going to talk about options and choices, because we consider ourselves very serious human beings.

I gave two biscuits to a dog. It ate the whole wheat one (healthy), and ignored the flour made cracker (less healthy, one I like).

Like I said, preferences differ.

I was taking a picture of a cat, but it wasn’t standing still. Then I decided to record its gracious gesture of itching its ear with one of its hind limbs, but then it decided to be as still as a lamppost. Because the cat preferred to do so.

A few days ago, I doodled a picture of a friend playing the keyboard.

I hate to brag, but I do feel it is nicely doodled, with the lines of the cartoon brushing against the edge of humorous perfection, and keyboard looking as pristine as a newly manufactured smartphone.

I was all sparkles and glitter on seeing my doodle being shared, with my name as the credit.

I assumed this picture would get, say seventy likes, because a picture of his shoes had received a bounty of sixty likes!

So, the journey began this way — first thirty minutes, almost fifteen likes. I dreamt of people commenting “great doodle, Shreya! Looks better than the person himself” and I would’ve replied “guess who knows how to praise!” with a smug expression on my bright-with-pride face.

But the handful of people who threw my expectations out of the window commented stuff like, “dude, this can’t be you, you don’t play like this, hmm” and I was like, dude, focus on the doodle, that’s the one job you have, ONE. One of the commentators was me, with a “welcome, man”, and I admit I was only trying to increase the comment count by one. — awkward moment —

Then, the marginal number of likes went down and down and hit zero, and simultaneously both my palms hit my cheeks.

So, the final result is that this poor little doodle got thirty-five likes, half of what I had been dreaming of. Cool. Lesson learnt: If you expect full, you’ll get half. Or even less. True for all good things in life. Alright, note taken.

But that’s okay, you know, that’s a part of life. The world grows with people’s preferences, and none of us should take anything but lessons from that. Because in order to function like an adult, we must keep quiet strategically and observe.

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