How to Get Started as a Data Scientist

Our world is accumulating with more amount of Data every day.We need to make sure that we use those available Data to the Fullest in order to help our growing society.

A Data Scientist is a One who uses the available data and finds patterns in it ,which can be used for the betterment of the society.

In order to become a Data Scientist ,One must know the Basics of Programming Languages like Python and R which are widely used.

These Languages provide in-built packages which provide the power ,so that even a normal person can learn and use Data Science without any background Knowledge.

But a good Mathematical Knowledge is need for one to proceed to greater Heights in this Field . The topics like Probability ,Statistics , Linear Algebra and Calculus would be sufficient to get started.

Using the Tools provided by the Languages like Python and R ,its easy to adopt to the black box working of the Data Science. But with good knowledge of those working we can enhance ourselves for the future and can make a contribution to the research society.

Data Science Plays a Major role in Machine Learning and Deep Learning , which helps to visualize the data and to find a exact model which fits those data.It takes experience to find the best fitting model for the given Data.

I would Recommend one to Start of their Data Science Journey by going with the Basics of Python and proceeding with the python libraries ,

Numpy- a Library used to handle complex mathematical operations

Pandas- a Library to handle the per-processing of the Data

Matplotlib- a Library used to plot graphs with ease

Seaborn- a Library built on top of Matplotlib with some extended functionalities

The field of Data Science evolves everyday ,it your responsibility to keep yourself Updated.

Happy Exploring !