Do all chatbots need to have AI?
Ryan Kelly

No, it is not necessary for all the chatbots to be AI based. AI based chatbots are in hype. True. Not denying the fact but isn’t it how it should be. It is (or will) solve a lot of problems. So don’t you think it deserves some media attention atleast.

People are struggling to pass the Turing test because of the obvious reasons mentioned in the post.

  1. Frictionless Discovery: Makes sense. But what if the user agrees to use a bot and not the app because of all the reasons you mentioned and finds out that the bot is super dumb and it cannot understands what the user is trying to achieve and leaves using the bot. Making the bot smart means more user satisfaction and eventually more interactions.
  2. Ease of development: I agree. Bots are super easy to build. Building a smart bots is not too difficult either. I am attaching a post link at the end which is step by step tutorial to make a dumb bot smart. (Not smart enough to pass Turing Test but smart enough to understand what the user is trying to achieve).

Scenario 1:

User: pick me up (Uber).
Bot: Please send your location.
User: ABC, Copenhagen , Denmark.
Bot: ETA for Uber car 5 mins.

Scenario 2:

User: Hey! Please pick me up from ABC, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Bot: Please send your location.

And that is the time when we need the bot to be smart enough to understand the user and what the user is trying to achieve. (RAN concept and rule based vs AI bots : mentioned in the links that I shared below)