Causes of piles and its treatment in Ayurveda

Piles are common problem these days. The main reason behind the problem is changed lifestyle and dietary habits. The problem can also occur in a pregnant woman. Piles are the bunch of veins which surround the external opening of the human body, anus. When these veins come out of their normal place and start protruding, it is known as piles or hemorrhoids.

The coming out of the veins may be due to strain that is put on them during constipation or pregnancy. The main cause is the imbalance in the physiological function of the digestive system. The constipation is considered the main reason behind the piles. And constipation problem stems from eating junk food, irregular eating and lack of green vegetables, fruits or fiber in the food. Eating oily, deep fried food can and sedentary lifestyle can also lead to constipation.

Ayurvedic treatment for piles –

There are two types of piles, internal and external or bleeding and non bleeding piles. The Ayurveda offers complete treatment for every type of piles. The treatment in Ayurveda consists of giving natural medicines which shrink the pile mass. With medicines the person also has to change the lifestyle and adopt certain measures in life. This may include some form of exercise and avoiding certain types of foods.

Kachnaar Guggal Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles in Delhi is the prominent medicine for piles in Ayurveda. This medicine shrinks the pile mass and cure the problem completely. Along with this medicines, other medicines like sanjivani vati, and capsules help to improve the digestion process, which helps to reduce the chanced of constipation. The vara churna helps to soften the stool and remove the toxic elements in the intestines. The combination of these medicines and herbs works in synergy to cure the symptom and remove the problem of piles. These herbs also removed gas, acidity, and improve digestion of the person.

The same combination of herbs and medicines can be taken for dry piles also. The dosages of the herbs and medicines are as follows, 2 tablet of kachnaar guggal are recommended for daily use. Vara churan is taken with warm water after meals twice a day. Sanjivani vati tables are given thrice a day, after. The treatment Best Ayurvedic Treatment in Delhi also includes use of oil such as Nirgundi oil and kasisadi oil. The oil is used for external use, but the patient has to follow the direction given by the Ayurveda physician.