Sweet Shock.

Guys, Congratulate me.
My dream of becoming an entrepreneur has come true.
When I was a child I always wanted to become Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. 
This is my chance to make it big in the game of business.

My business idea is to cater to 1.5 billion Chinese population. It’s indeed a great market to be in. The cause is not only economic but human in nature. I get a chance to make this world a better place by feeding the hungry.

It is very simple. I buy old pet dogs from Indians and sell it to Chinese for money. The Yulin dog festival has just begun.

Reasons why this business is the next Google and Facebook.

- A large number of Dog parents will make money by selling their old dogs, once the market is developed they might even sell puppies. Juicy puppy meat burgers, who doesn’t love it.

- The dog meat is a cheaper source of protein compared to other forms and I am sure it will develop a new market in India also. More jobs.

- It will be an alternate source of income for the dog parents and owners.

- There will be a great boost in the Export business. Relations with China will also improve. They will love our well bred and pampered dogs.

- World over, Indian puppy meat will be hit.

So cute:)

- Once there is a huge market for India Dog meet, innocent peaceful people will steal Indian pets and sell it to me, to make me rich. I am worried about ‘Dog Rakshaks’ troubling me, but I am sure the liberal elite and the rationalist ‘For Freedom’ media will support me. Yeah, Leftists and communists will also support me even though it is a pure capitalistic venture.

Anyway, start saying bye to your Labradors and golden retrievers and all cute dogs. 
After giving unconditional love, hugs, loyalty, affection it is also sacrificing itself for few rupees for you and making it to a hungry human’s stomach.

I hope you support this noble cause


Yours truly,

PS : If your stomach cringes after reading this post and feels completely okay when someone talks about how tasty the beef is, you are a bloody fuckin hypocrite and a bigot.