Writing feels like Animation…

Animation — Where dreams breathe and come to Life…

Growing up I always dreamed about being an animator some day. Change of events, and now I’m a writer.

Dreams, where magic feels real.

Dreams - nothing but a string of our observations, longings, much loved moments and much loved people, places to visit, unexplored moments all stringed together in one visual.

Dreams, the surreal extension of our physical reality.

To dream is to believe in magic, to transit from the physical world into the world where our soul belongs… And to draw, sketch or animate, is to give life to those Dreams.

It is only with the recent love for writing down my dreams about Him did I realize, writing too feels just like Animation.

Animation, where the visuals created by the animator depicts the scene of a fantasy story or of a mystic place. The way the clouds looked, the way the stardust was scattered all across the mountains, the way the reflection of the Stars on the trees made us believe in magic.

Writing, is giving words to magic, giving words to the dreams. It is creating a visual of a dream with the magic of words.

Animation on the other hand, takes a lot of time.

Writing, all you need to do is to pick a word and a string of thought out of your dream, and just go with the flow, see where the word takes you…

Animating the mystic world of dreams and fantasies with Words…

By a Writing Animator… :)