The God-Man Conundrum

The biggest story in India right now is, riots by followers of a God Man in many states of India. Which was followed by police taking action and using real guns and not riot control guns to control the situation, which led to hundreds of rioters getting killed.

I received many forwards on ‘WhatsApp’, which were critical of the God-Man’s followers. Saying they are stupid and do not understand that he is now a convicted rapist. Many people are making fun of their reaction, calling them idiots. Although these forwards are bit funny, they do not look into the actual problem.

This is my opinion on one of the aspects of the reactions by the followers…

Many citizens of India live in poverty. Not extreme, as shown by many of the foreign films, but enough that it makes their lives full of hardships on a daily basis. Many citizens, even after 70 years of independence are not able to have a life free of tension for a long period of time. Many of them have to work hard day in and day out, with high physical or mental pressures, and have no idea on how to cope with this pressure. So most of them gravitate towards what society follows, as the most simple solution to everything.

“Pray and God will help you out”

The Indian society is a very culturally diverse yet religiously bounded society. If you go to small towns or villages; Temples, Mosques & Church activities are the highlight of their day. Daily sermons, chanting is where most of the people find peace and harmony in their life. This is the place where the Pujaris/Father/Imams preach the ways of life, which helps the people in coping with the hardships.

This is where they find Faith.

Faith is what drives these people to put believe in someone who has given them a this way of life. A way which may involve happiness and a way to get out of their misery. Faith is what makes them a believer in the the way of the god, as preached by the God-Man.

This Faith over time becomes more strong and resilient to change. They believe more and more in preaching of the God-Man, giving him/her more power to influence similar people. Although in all the cases, the God-Man IS genuinely helping out the downtrodden. He has the ability to get together everyone and help them out. Many God-Man in India have big complexes where hundreds of people eat for free or sleep. They have institutions where many children study. They really do good work.

But this is where the cracks starts forming. The God-Man get more power, he starts enjoying the power to influence hundreds or lakhs of people, and start getting wealth, political clout and greed. But this greed is not seen by the blind believers, as they have faith in the God-Man. He can never do anything wrong, they believe. And when the God-Man falls their faith, their dreams, their one chance of having a peaceful life is broken. Such people will lash out, because their dreams are getting broken along with their faith. And because they do not want to accept the change.

This wouldn't have happened if over so many years, there would have been development for the lives of these people. If they had a choice of having a peaceful life, by having money in their pockets or steady jobs, they wouldn’t have to go look or put their faith in a God-Man. The real culprit is the governments till now, who haven’t brought about a positive change in the ives of these people through various projects. If they could have, it would have mitigated this flow of faith towards a single person.

Although i have focused on faith as the main reason, there are many other arguments to make. Like lack of education, zealous attitude towards religion, and more. As everything is influenced by hundreds of factors, so is this topic. But focusing on one topic helps us go deeper or think more on a particular topic, instead of getting bogged down with multiple viewpoints. Hence my view point on Faith, and how it affects many people in my country.

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