“Last Seen June 21st” — A collaborative art project

Photo © Guy Bourdin

“Last Seen June 21st” is a collaborative art project whose results depend on your participation.

For generations, our memory of someone relies heavily on a good photograph of them. The face and the power of the gaze are widely acknowledged to hold the key to much of our inner emotions. Unequivocally, the camera bares witness to these emotions in a portrait.

Photo © Lee Friedlander

But, how is our memory altered or skewed when the portrait is without a face and without its associated expressions? What emotions can be conveyed in a photograph in the absence of this information?

In “Last Seen June 21st” , we invite you to submit your faceless portraits to reconstruct this unknown subject. This project is curated by Shrill Cats Magazine and is open to all. Multiple submissions are allowed. This project closes July 30th, 2017 at midnight EST. The final results and story will be shown on Shrill Cats Magazine online at: http://shrillcats.com/

To participate:

  1. Follow us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/shrill.cats/
  2. Tag #shrill_cats with your submissions
  3. Include post title: “Last Seen June 21st @shrill.cats”
Photo © William Eggleston