Krishna is incomparable, Krishna is indescribable, Krishna is infinite… Yet my affinity towards the stories of Krishna’s glorious incarnations compels me to continue writing about Him.

This is an English translation of Sri Guru’s original Hindi article.

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Ours is a culture rich in the tales and legends of avatars, where they have been widely celebrated across generations through folklore, music, poetry and more. Having served as a useful medium to propagate the fundamental values, morals & ethics of life, they have taught us how to become righteous human beings. However, even though these songs and stories have prevailed since long, the morals behind them seem to have disappeared in today’s day and age. The meaningful lessons they intended to convey have not been as well-preserved. …


SRM Delhi

Shrimad Rajchandra Mission, Delhi is a Spiritual Movement and a platform for every person who aspires to walk the path to find his True Self.

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