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Zip n Store is a revolutionary food storage system that simplifies the way you store, organize and find your food!

This is Zip n Store

These are actual images that make-up your Zip n Store reward packages.

Zip n Store Kickstarter Campaign

Zip n Store is the ultimate kitchen storage solution. With three different ways to help you store your food, Zip n Store is storage…simple and easy.

We think that an organized kitchen is a happy kitchen. We know that the stresses of keeping things clean and organized can completely ruin the fun of cooking! That’s why we created Zip n Store.

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What is Zip n Store?

Zip n Store is the storage solution that utilizes the hidden power of Ziplock bags. Not only are Ziplock bags light, easy to store, and convenient, they also preserve food much longer than any air-filled tupperware containers.

Zip n Store takes the convenience and usability of ziplock bags to create a storage solution that will end your days of having to dig around your cupboard looking for the lid of that plastic container — or save the misery of finding your left over tuna…three months too late.

The only problem with ziplock bags is that it can be a big mess to get food into them! Zip n Store has solved that problem. After conducting hours of tests on every type of ziplock bag, we created the Chop n Fill mat. It’s the perfect solution to this problem!

The Chop n Fill is a flexible funnel-like product that makes sure you never have a mess to deal with when you store your food. The Chop n Fill mat also acts as a cutting board, so you don’t have to transfer ingredients from one surface to another.

Zip n Store has an answer to all of your storage needs. Your fridge will be more organized with our Cold n Store slide out unit and our Cold n Store refrigerator side door unit. Together they hold up to 29 quart-size ziplock bags. No more stacking ziplock bags into the cold drawer of the fridge, which does nothing but make you play hide and seek with the contents below…a game which you never win! Don’t worry — Zip n Store has found the answer — and will have you winning that game…every time!

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Also for the Door as shown below!

So many grocery products now come in convenient ziplock type bags. Zip n Store is the perfect system to store and organize these groceries. From the dairy case to your refrigerator, Zip n Store helps keep your groceries fresh and easy to find. These are just some of the pre-packaged grocery foods that are available and that fit your refrigerator and cupboard Zip n Store units. From now on these items will be easy to see and find, they’ll never be forgotten and left to spoil.

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Zip n Store’s Dry n Store slideout is perfect for your dry food needs. It conveniently attaches to a pantry shelf, and holds up to 12 quart-size bags (and other sizes too…see all the ziplock sizes below that fit our Zip N Store products).

When it comes to your frozen goods, Zip n Store has the solution. The Freeze n Serve freezer tray separates your frozen ziplocked food into six organized portions using a simple but intuitive idea.

The Freeze n Stack system helps you freeze liquids and soups in a more convenient and accessible way by separating them with sturdy plastic inserts. No more mangled messes in your freezer — you can now stack your frozen foods — organizing everything along the way.

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Why Zip n Store

Zip n Store isn’t another infomercial product that you’ll only use once. It’s a revolution in the world of kitchen storage. By choosing Zip n Store, you’ll be transforming your everyday kitchen experience into one you can’t resist

Zip n Store will:

  • Keep your kitchen clean and organized
  • Lets you see the food you are storing instantly
  • Save you countless dollars in wasted food
  • Save you the hassle of finding a Tupperware container and lid.
  • Relieve stress
  • Upgrade the way you use your kitchen

How Does It Work?

All of the Zip n Store products are incredibly easy to use and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Our pull-out products were designed with simplicity in mind. Virtually any ziplock-type bag on the planet can conveniently slip into one of the storage slots. There are no clips, no straps, and no hassle. Zip n Store really does hold it all! Here are just some of the different types of bags that Zip n Store will simply store.

Our freezer products make it very easy to store frozen liquids, vegetables, and other foods. They are wonderfully easy to install in any type of freezer and will put a permanent end to finding countless messes of green peas at the bottom of the freezer.

With Zip n Store, you’ll finally be able to have the organized kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Gone are the days of chaotic tupperware cabinets, messy refrigerators, and kitchen stress. Zip n Store is the kitchen solution you’ve been waiting for.

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Why We Need Your Help

We have designed Zip n Store items to fit as many refrigerators and freezers and nearly all cupboards. Just look at the examples below for the refrigerator measurements and measure yours for the dimensions. The important length is in red, that measures the minimum depth required and if your fridge is deeper than that, it fits! Most all refrigerators have adjustable shelves so we included dimensions for holding quart and gallon ziplock bags for convenience.

Virtually all cupboards are a standard 12 inches or deeper allowing the Zip n Store to be placed in virtually every cupboard. You can put two or more of the Dry n Store units in your cupboard and really maximize your storage space.

Why We Need Your Help

We have been preparing and testing Zip n Store to make it the best it can possibly be.

We’ve put in the time — energy — and planning to start the ball rolling. From countless hours in designing — to connecting with potential manufacturers — to testing Zip n Store out in our very own kitchens — we have laid the groundwork for this revolutionary product.

Zip n Store is a “self-sale” item. We’ve shown it to family, friends and random strangers (who ask us “what is that and how can I get it?!”). Now ask yourself — will Zip n Store make your life easier? What’s it worth to you to simplify your food storage in the kitchen?

We have done everything we can to ensure it will satisfy every single one of your expectations. Now we need to fund our initial production stage and bring this fantastic product to your home, making it available for everyone who needs it. With your support, we’ll finally be able to provide you, and everyone like you, with the clean, organized kitchen of your dreams. This is your opportunity to own Zip n Store at a deeply discounted cost from the full retail price, allowing you to be one of the first to receive it before it becomes available everywhere!

Get your set at pre-retail discount prices, in time for Christmas, over here:

Zip n Store — Timeline

As with everything else with Zip n Store our timeline is simple and easy. We are planning on shipping Zip n Store so that you’ll receive before Christmas. We will update you every step of the way because you are our partners in launching Zip n Store!

Zip n Store — Shipping

Lenovations Corp is currently working with quality US and China manufacturers for full-scale production of Zip n Store. Our desire and passion is to have Zip n Store made here in the United States and we will know shortly and keep you updated. Quality is first and foremost with our manufacturers but pricing is important to us to enable the discount pricing for you our Kickstarter members. We are crunching and comparing some final numbers and will update Kickstarter members as this project moves forward. Whichever the best way is determined we will be able to meet the estimated timeframe for shipping Zip n Store. *Some countries in South America and Africa may fall outside this window, but they will still receive a timely delivery. Everything will be delivered to you in consistent and highly secure packaging, ensuring your Zip n Store items will arrives in the same condition it was first shipped. In the very rare case that something does arrive to you with a problem, getting answers and replacements will be straightforward and easy. There will be a single customer service source for all backers without any mixed messaging or confusion. We have saved the best for last: Everyone will receive a tracking number. When Zip n Store is ready for delivery you will receive at least two emails. The first will have your tracking number and a notification that your order is being prepared. The second email will arrive shortly thereafter and will let you know that your package is headed directly to you. All of this boils down to one thing: Zip n Store backers will get their products before it is sold at retail! Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter campaign ends through our Pledge Manager. The amount charged will be based on the ACTUAL cost required to ship you your Zip n Store and stretch goals. Depending on where you live, we’ll either ship from (Where), or here in the United States. To give you a sense of shipping costs, it will likely cost around $15 to $30 to ship to the U.S., $25 to $35 Australia, $25-$40 to the EU and Canada, and $40 to $60 to South America and certain parts of Asia. Please remember: These are rough ESTIMATES, so the cost of shipping may be higher or lower depending on the stretch goals unlocked and other choices you make. However, we are not responsible for taxes or duties incurred in other countries outside of the US. You have our guarantee that we will do everything to get you all your rewards as quickly as possible and before it hits retail. The most exciting part of backing Zip n Store on Kickstarter is that you’re going to get this before it becomes available to anyone else in the entire world and at a special price only available to Kickstarter Members! This is Zip n Store

Get your set at pre-retail discount prices, in time for Christmas, over here:

Zip n Store… Simple n Easy!

Get your set at pre-retail discount prices, in time for Christmas, over here:

Risks and challenges

In some very rare cases Zip n Store may not fit your refrigerator unit. There are always challenges and unforeseen obstacles that arise when trying to bring a product to life. There are so many moving parts that must be managed. However we have brought other products to the market, we can confidently say that we are experienced in this process and have developed systems and processes to mitigate the risks that arise in this process. We will work hard to ensure that we deliver what we promise and to go the extra mile whenever it is possible. Thanks for believing in us!