Ayurmana Review: My Few Weeks of Healing at Ayurmana

Work related stress can take a toll on anyone’s physical and emotional well being. Long working hours and steep deadlines did the same to me. The unhappiness of my professional burdens carried over to my personal life too. This was the time when I needed to set my priorities straight. Something needed to be done to address my stress related issues. I needed to break free from the never-ending downward spiral of my troubles.

A Brief Introduction of My Stress Demons

I have been a working professional for close to 9 years now. Being part of the competitive IT industry was initially a promising prospect for me. I had also been lucky to be a part of a single organisation in all these years. But with every promotion and pay hike, I had to step up my efforts. Everyone has to, and I hope those of you who are working professionals can relate. With the rise in responsibilities, the level of stress also rose through the roof.

Some of the most noticeable problems I had were terrible headaches at various times of the day. But that was not all. My happily married life fell prey to my frequent mood swings, and generally irritable behaviour at home. I am deeply grateful that my partner, the love of my life, who was quite understanding of what I was going through. She was always there to calm me down. Some of the other issues I was facing was lack of ample sleep, a feeling of fatigue throughout my day, and terrible joint pains.

As I was looking for stress treatments on line, I came across the website of Ayurmana Clinic. Upon further research, it was evident that this Kerala based ayurvedic healing center has helped a lot of people. I read some glowing reviews and testimonials online which further convinced me to consider it. I showed the information I found to my wife. She was keen on the idea and encouraged me to give it a try. It is important to note that Ayurmana is also known as the Dharma Ayurveda Centre for Advanced Healing.

The Life Changing Trip to Ayurmana

In early February 2018, I finally decided it was high time to seek treatment. So, I took a two week break from work and was on my way to the Ayurmana Clinic. My wife who is a housewife had no issues in accompanying me, saying that she could do well with some fresh air. We arrived at Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station, where we were greeted by employees of the Ayurmana Clinic. They led us to our designated pickup vehicle, and we were on our way to the Clinic soon. Our scenic ride took all but 45 minutes. We reached the Dharmagiri hill upon which our destination was situated.

Upon our arrival and clarification of our identities, we received a warm welcome from the staff there. Both me and my wife were simply astounded by the breathtaking beauty of the location. It is a serene atmosphere that made us feel completely relaxed. We took a moment to breathe in the fresh air and gaze at the greenery everywhere. Soon, we were led to our designated accommodation by the staff. The room was quite comfortable and had various amenities like A.C., spacious resting areas offering amazing views of the hills, and even a television. More importantly, the Clinic offered Internet connectivity which would be useful at some point during my stay. I was positively overwhelmed by where I was, and knew that the next two weeks would be full of relaxation.

This should get you excited!

The Healing Process Begins for Me with a Consultation

On the very first day of our stay at the Ayurmana Clinic, we were introduced to the doctors who would treat my issues. The resident doctor was a young lady who greeted us with a warm smile and handshake. Me and my wife sat down for our consultation. She said that she had read the information I had provided, and confirmed the issues that I had mentioned. Then she went on to prescribe a set of treatments and stress medications for me. Basically, she gave me a roadmap of specialised treatments I would be subjected throughout my stay.

We were informed that some of the treatments would involve special stress relief massages. The doctor told me that their massages would help to release accumulated muscle spasms and pump out any toxins. I started looking forward to the massage sessions and could not wait to let go off the soreness in my joints. We also came to know that the treatments at the Ayurmana Clinic involved Yoga and meditation sessions. These are designed to eliminate any symptoms of stress, even in the most difficult situations. In short, I would learn techniques to practically reduce stress in my hectic life.

In particular, one of the treatments I was looking forward to was the shirodhara session. When the doctor mentioned it, I asked what it was. She explained that during this session, I would be subjected to warm oil with various medicinal properties. It is a method where this oil is dropped on one’s forehead gently, instantly relieving stress. Me and my wife were impressed by the wide array of treatments that the Ayurmana Clinic would offer. Feeling content, we left the doctor’s office and prepared for a sumptuous lunch.

We Enjoyed Vegetarian Food and Hospitality at the Ayurmana Clinic

One of my major concerns prior to my visit was the quality of food we would get there. I also initially was worried if proper hygiene is maintained. But all my concerns faded away, when I met with the other guests. They expressed their satisfaction regarding the food offered to them. Being an advocate of ayurvedic life, the Ayurmana Clinic offers only pure vegetarian food to its guests. The food is based on the ayurvedic cuisine. Also, the diets can vary depending on the specific nutrition needs of guests.

I had consulted with a dietician and got a diet plan created for me. Me and my wife sat down for lunch and were delighted with the amazing taste of the food. It was quite light and also easy to digest. During our meal we were having a conversation with the other guests there.

One of them revealed that his menu was different and specially prepared, as he had several diet restrictions. There were generous proportions of grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Apart from the ayurvedic kitchen, the Ayurmana Clinic also has a Budhha kitchen, which mainly serves refreshments to the guests.

With our hunger satiated, we went for a brisk walk around the vast property. There is a walking track which guests have access to at all times of the day. It is a great way of grabbing some much needed relaxation. Watching the sun set over the hills was a mesmerising experience. If you are a bit more adventurous, climb up to the Dharmagiri peak. It has a spot known as the Sacred Grove. We went there on the suggestions of other guests, who described it as a great place for meditation. He was right.

Receiving The Treatment — How Ayurmana Heals

I have mentioned the account of my consultation with a doctor at the Ayurmana Clinic. I would like to add some details. Guests may find that their initial meeting with physicians last for about an hour, or even two. This solely depends on the nature of one’s issues. In my case, it was less than an hour. Starting the next day, I started undergo treatment two times a day. During my next morning there, a staff member knocked on my door and told me it was time for treatment. On my way to the treatment area, I learnt that he was the therapist himself.

I was subjected to a rejuvenating massage session, which relaxed my mind and body completely. I had not felt that good in a long, long while. I started looking forward to that session everyday, to be honest. I later had a chat with a guest who had reappearing joint pain. He said that the therapists and pharmacists there work together, often to create custom medications for specific guests. In my experience, the healing methods were ways of channelling positive vibrations and energy through the minds and bodies of recipients.

Over the next few days, the treatments followed. Since the second day, I started feeling a lot more positive and confident. My wife also noticed the change in me and remarked on the same. Since the first day of my treatment at the Ayurmana Clinic, my sleep habits also improved. I felt relieved about the positives that were happening to me. Similar treatments followed on the following days and I started seeing less stress affecting me. Somehow, I had a feeling that the same positive feelings would last even after I left there.

Yoga and meditation sessions were also quite important in my case. I found out that my package enabled me to participate in regular yoga sessions which were held there. The yoga sessions were group affairs, where I was joined by many people. I was not surprised to see that there were many foreign individuals alongside Indians. The strong reputation of the clinic was evident in the crowd it attracted.

I had never tried Yoga before and was not sure what to do. But the Yoga instructor left no stone unturned in helping me understand the steps. During the yoga session, we were taught how to drive out negative thoughts and harvest positive ones. This in itself was a great exercise in self-realisation. Several yoga sessions later, I almost felt like a new person. I was told that the yoga and meditation would help with the overall healing process. I found out that was quite accurate.

All in all, I was quite satisfied with the effectiveness of the treatments. At the end of the first week my life was taking a turn for the better. My wife was also enjoying her stay with me, along with the courteous behaviours of the staff there. I was convinced that coming down to the Ayurmana Clinic was one of the best life decisions. It had various benefits for my life as a whole.

The Clear Benefits of my Experience at Ayurmana

After my two weeks of healing, it was time to return back home and get back into my work life. But the experience was better than any vacation ever could be. Both me and my wife were in great spirits on our way back to Bangalore. The benefits for my overall physical, mental and emotional well-being were quite pronounced. I was ready to face life with all its challenges.

Firstly, my fatigue was almost gone. I stopped feeling drained out as my energy levels skyrocketed. This was a great change and I became upbeat throughout the day. In addition, all the muscle pain and joint aches I used to live with were completely gone too. I even started hitting the gym for cardio workouts as I felt great. Due to this new and active lifestyle, I was also sleeping quite well at night. My married life has returned to its former glory, and we have rekindled our love.

Those ugly mood swings that I used to get earlier have vanished. I am a calmer person, and it reflects well in my relationships with other people everywhere. Mentally too, I felt infinitely better. Earlier, I had a habit of stressful overthinking and procrastination. As I got into the thick of things at work, I noticed that I felt a healthy peace of mind. I have learnt how to calmly handle stressful and demanding situations, no matter how challenging.

My colleagues have also noticed the differences, and many are curious as to how I overcame my old stressful self. I only have Ayurmana Clinic and my lovely wife to thank for it. I would definitely recommend it to others who are facing similar struggles in life.

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