Entry 2 : Embracing New Loves

Day 6— Total Loss 7.4 lbs

So, today, I am having a mixed feelings sort of day. I lost another pound, so that’s good, but if I don’t count the loading days, I’ve only lost 1.4 lbs total since I started, which sounds so lame. I know I should be happy I’m losing at all, and I know I’m expecting too much too soon, but I can’t help it! Society has made me want things instantaneously! Argh! Oh well. It’s always early on when I can’t actually feel or see a difference that I get super frustrated, and then, I think I get frustrated towards the end, when the losses slow down, and again, I can’t feel or see a difference. But I’m going to keep trudging along. I’m just waiting for the glorious day when I can start wearing a few more of the clothes in my closet.

I think what I hate about this diet, is all the doubt I have that I’m doing it “properly,” and truly maximizing my losses. I’m constantly questioning things, for example, yesterday I had coffee for the first time, which is TOTALLY okay, but I wonder if it, for some reason, hindered my loss? Also, I didn’t eat my cherry tomatoes, I just … couldn’t get them down. Again, making me question EVERYTHING IN LIFE. So today, I brought half a cucumber for my lunch veggie, which I think will be easier to get down. And I’m having a cup of coffee again, because, well, I need the energy.

This is my current relationship with coffee.

I have to be honest, though, my asparagus, that I eat at dinner, are the most amazing thing ever right now. I seriously look forward to them all day long. It’s so weird. I love how many I can eat, and I love the crunchy taste they get after faux-grilling them on my stovetop. To die for. So, that’s a positive. Probably one I should embrace post-diet. I guess I freakin’ love asparagus, and that’s good! (Except that my pee smells horrendous. Sorry fellow bathroom goers.)

I guess that’s all for today. Crossing my fingers for another loss tomorrow! What’s the moral of this post? Embrace new loves, especially if they’re vegetables!

Asparagus and Snape, two things I can embrace right now.