Entry 8: The Big Picture

Day 19 — Total Loss 16.6 lbs

I return to my journal after a few days of no writing, mostly because I wasn’t feeling the best (TOM), and I had this headache I couldn’t seem to kick. However, I’ve been sticking to the protocol and been seeing drops, albeit tiny ones, every day. It’s kind of cool not to have had a stall yet, but at the same time, mornings with “0.2” as a loss aren’t very thrilling.

This was basically me last week, TOM is brutal without Midol!

I know the entries have been documenting my total loss, but I want to clarify something. The total loss includes the loss of my loading weight, which in my mind, doesn’t count. Loading weight is dropped typically in the first 2 days of the diet, and then the real weight starts falling off. So, if we take out my loading days, I’ve actually lost 10.6 lbs in 15 days, not 19 days—taking away 2 loading days and 2 days to lose the loading weight.

With that in mind, it’s always a little less thrilling when I think “only 10 pounds?” wishing so desperately the 16.6 number was all real losses. I recently watched a helpful video by HCGChica (She’s amazing, check her out at hcgchica.com), and she reminded me that I have to look at this diet as a whole, not a day by day basis. On average, women lose .5 lbs a day on the protocol. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to lose .5 every day like a machine, rather, it means I could lose .9 here and .2 there and then have 0 days. So, if I look at my diet in the long term, my post-loading losses average out to about 1.4 lbs a day, which is FANTASTIC as far as diets go.

I put this penguin here because it’s cute AND motivational.

If I try to keep that in mind, instead of the tiny numbers on the scale every morning, I feel a bit better and more motivated to keep going for the whole 46 days (I might add 4 days and just make it 50 days to make up for the 4 days lost due to binging). However, at the same time, I’m still not even noticing a difference yet in how my clothes are fitting or my body. It’s like all the weight I’ve lost has been in my face. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be rid of the “skin-beard” as I call it, also known as a double-chin. It’s just, I really am ready to start wearing some different clothes. But again, 10.6 lbs just isn’t enough to move me into that much more of my closet. I think, when I come back here on day 25 or so, I should hopefully have much better news about my clothes! I’m pretty sure they miss me.

So, all in all, just another day spent shrinking. Moral of this post? Focus on the Big Picture.

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