A passing eye would think

he was a demon spawn

dark is evil, right?

Somehow seething hearts

turn in night glory

since stars glisten

brighter than the sun

in moonlight’s rapture

blessed holy by

Angels’ matriarchy

in the virgin’s sky

he soothes the world

with resonent laughter

words of silver-tounged

imagination of muses

a heart destined

to heal broken foundation.

He has suffered many feats

chasing absolution and perfection

for almighty cast him from grace

knowing he would rise once more.

Read these Suggestions [1] and cry because it was suggested by overzealous 50 young IRS officers who will have 30 more years to exploit the taxpayers. In fact forget about indian tax payers, any foreign investor if he/she reads this document of Tax terrorism will never invest in India.

IRS suggestion to raise 25,000 crores -

  • Start inheritance tax -
  • Start wealth tax
  • Raise surcharge -4 per cent on taxable income of over Rs 10 lakh
  • Reduce exemption.
  • direct cash transfer of Rs…

Amongst all the madness, there is such a calm.

Calm in the blue sky, the fact that it takes longer to get dark.

I have found peaceful feeling in the constant tweeting.

Although ones online can be little misleading.

The tweets from birds are just so intriguing.

I have found myself trying to work out their conversation.

Are they aware of the madness?

I have been thinking a lot about world around me.

And although many of our worlds have become much quieter,

The birds still tweeting so loudly.

Then i think about the ones online that make the same level of noise.

But the from the birds brings me so much joy.

Shri Ram :)

One cup coffee is now too much

One full food plate is expensive

Green salad luxury.

One dream never comes true

One house never be in name

Unemployment raising heads

Dragons biting hopes

Not anyone knows, no one too sure

Other than sunrise and sunset

Few seasons crossing hell

Buzzing around confused race.

Someone cooking rice

Smoke of bread also seen

One bowl, more than two.

Monument of temple

Deity fasting, starving through

Materialistic stone cold sober

Declared death’s kingdom.

Holding hands of beloved, in imagination

Poet cooks food delicious

Then went out for walk

Speaking of a garden, some…

This should provide the clarity you need.

> When there are no deductions available, always opt for new scheme i.e., the provisions of newly inserted section 115BAC.

> When only section 80C (LIC/PPF/Children’s tuition fees/Deferred annuity/EPF/Sukanya Samriddhi/NABARD Bonds,etc.) benefits are available, the breakeven point is Rs. 850,000/-. Therefore, opt for the new scheme only if your income exceeds Rs. 850,000/-.

One of the things that social media has changed is that truth cannot be hidden now by main stream media or political parties. And that is what happened here as well. With in hour of the incident, the culprit parties have been exposed. And they were exposed by one reporter who has never reported a single truth about right wing. Yes she is no other than our Barkha Dutt.

Barkha Dutt shared a whatsapp screen shot on her timeline in twitter blaming ABVP for the violence. Prime facie it looked like that the entire violence is done by ABVP. …

Yogi Ji is handling the law and order situation like a pro. Here is the summary.

  • Preventive action is taken against more than five thousand people.
  • UP government has sent notices to 130 rioters to pay 50 lakh rupees.
  • 124 people arrested for posting inciting content on social media.
  • Action is taken on 19409 social media posts.
  • 35 country-made pistols, 69 live rounds, 647 shells were recovered from the places of protest.
  • Nearly 10k Tweeter accounts, 200 Youtube profiles and 10k Facebook profiles are blocked.
  • Section 144 is imposed in places where violent protests happened.

In short, when it comes to law and order, we need a chief minister like Yogi Ji in every state.

One thing that has a misapprehension in India.

We only have elected the government who decide for us. However, that doesn’t mean the government should act according to your wish each and every time. We are 130 Crores people. Each one of us will unquestionably think differently. That will create chaos in the country.

Just because some acts are against our thoughts, we can’t say the government is against democracy, secularism, Idea of India and constitution.

No one can please everyone.

Shri Ram Maheshwari

Twitter:maheshwarisr • Quora/Youth Ki Awaaz:Shri-Ram-Maheshwari • https://www.shrirammaheshwari.in

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