Know Some of the Top Restaurants in Jaipur

Jaipur is a beautiful city that speaks of royalty in every way. It is filled with tourists all the year around. A lot of them visit this city to explore the royalty. When you visit this place, you get to experience the royalty of the royal families that once ruled this city. While there are many sightseeing spots, tourist attractions and so on, there are also some amazing places you need to visit to try the authentic food. Some of the best restaurants in Jaipur include:

The Rajput Room
When talking about the best restaurants to eat in Jaipur, there is no way you miss out on the Rajput Room. It is one of the best restaurants that overlooks the manicured lawns of the famous Rambagh Palace. It is a perfect all-dining restaurant that has a majestic setting. In short, you can say it is not less than a royal palace. It serves everything from snacks, breakfast and the famous French Press Coffee.

Sheesh Mahal
Another one coming to the list is the Sheesh Mahal. It is beautifully located in the ITC Rajputana Palace Hotel. What makes a visit to this restaurant a must is the amazing and stylish bar that speaks of Rajput glamour in every way. While you are trying the drinks in there, do not forget to try the famous malt menu.

Another best place to eat in Jaipur is Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar or popularly known as LMB. If you love vegetarian food, then LMB is the answer. You will find this restaurant is filled with vegetarians most of the time, all thanks to the delicious veg food served. When talking about vegetarian delicacies, you should definitely try samosas, aloo tikkis, lassi, stuffed kachoris and not to forget the famous sweet dish, paneer ghewar.

Pandit Kulfi
While it is hot in Jaipur, you can cool yourself by having smooth and flavoursome ice-cream right here at Pandit Kulfi. It is not a big restaurant, but a small shop that is surrounded by salmon coloured structures. You can say it is one of the best places to try kulfi in Jaipur. It offers a range of flavours from traditional whole milk to cardamom and saffron.

Another restaurant that speaks of elegance and royal is Rajmahal. The name itself speaks for what you are about to witness when you enter this restaurant. You can say the cuisine is lavish as the décor. While you are here, you are advised to have the four-course dinner, rotis, biryani and wonderfully prepared curries. All these dishes are served on the silver plates. Making reservations is wise. You should also know that the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays.

These are some of the best restaurants in Jaipur you need to visit to complete your wonderful tour.