Here’s describing my room in a little over 300 words.

My bedroom is just wrong the way I like it. It’s got the zing of a Japanese schoolgirl and the type of sternness adopted by American adults who refuse to move out of their attic bedrooms. You know, the ones you see in the movies.

There is an imaginary casement through which I observe the world. The indoors is great, every once in a while.

The blue walls can give you a happy feeling.

To impress a few, I have stacked a few books, as eclectic as my music library. But mostly, who come over are more fascinated by the pictures I hang. It’s not like I don’t receive smart guests, in case you’re in a mood to jump to quick conclusions.

There are three doors to and from the room – none of them imaginary. I would love to put one where it does not exist but there is simply no space. I don’t clean the place very often (I’m not proud of it) but mysteriously, it stays clean.

The bed is 6x4 or 6 by 4, depending on how you like your math. It is low so I’m never afraid of falling off or harbouring monsters underneath. The table is bigger than my ego. The chair on the other hand is very spartan. It looks cheap but let me tell you, we’ve been through quite a lot together. The cupboard stands tall and takes up most of the space in the room. The rug next to the bed is one of the best parts of the room and the reason why I never snooze my alarms more than thrice. Setting foot on it is quite rewarding in the morning.

A harman/kardon subtly adorns the room by taking up a humble corner. The bedroom is not too big but it’s got everything you can possibly ask for. It is a bedroom of occasionally clean sheets and slightly ajar drawers. You may never compare it with the ones you see on TV, maybe not with the ones you read about in glossy magazines. But I tell you, this is where the magic happens.