Fear of a blank planet.

These slumbers, oh this warm blanket. 
I listen, I feel. But waking up seems like a task.
Must wake up, must live. Diana opened her eyes.
All she could see was red sand.
Sitting up, she felt the warm ground under her feet.
She dug her toes in,
And watched the sand slip through her toe gaps.
Diana had beautiful feet.
Standing up, she stretched and yawned,
and decided to go for a walk.
Red sky, nothing unusual.
Diana walked on, kicking every stone she’d find.
A little game that she would play. 
Every stone she’d kick, she’d try to kick the next one farther away.
"I’m getting stronger", she smiled to herself.
Just something to while her time away.
Another day, not a single soul in sight.
She had always feared a blank planet.
Couldn’t see her friends.
Couldn’t see her parents. 
She would hear voices occasionally.
Never knowing where they came from.
Will I ever see people?
This fear was now a reality that she lived in.
Found comfort in. She knew no different.
No one to talk to. No one to play with. 
Was this a dream? She would think to herself.
Impossible. I just woke up didn’t I?
Walking on, there shone a bright light,
Diana curiously walked further.
She had never seen anything like it!
The light was so blinding, she shut her eyes.
"It’s a girl.", The doctor sighed, disappointed.
The cries of the infant were muffled by the wails of her family.
Diana woke up, same red sky.
But her toes were drenched in red.

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