Super Computing Conference/ SC16

Undergraduates Program Personal Experience

How was your experience?

The experience was fantastic. It’s an all paid trip for the weekend long event. There are various competitions, seminars, paper presentations, student poster presentation, etc. There is so much to do in the conference. Also, the Undergraduates Program usually has some specific events every morning (9am to 12pm approx). You will learn and understand a lot from these programs.

What all did you learn in Undergraduates Program?

  1. What is HPC?
  2. What research goes on in HPC?
  3. Meeting with top industry professors and research scientists in National Labs
  4. Meeting with PhD Students and their experience.
  5. Why HPC is the future of computing?
  6. Google, Nvidia, and other companies and their innovation in HPC.

How did the experience help you later?

I was working on job schedulers at that time. I did have some background in HPC. So, it really helped me understand the HPC community and the support within the community.

There is also a Job Fair. I met CTO of Altair. After chatting with him and letting him know about my current work, I handed him my resume. I landed a job interview shortly after.

Were you well aware of HPC before attending the conference?

At that time, I was taking a course on Distributed Systems at my university. I pretty much knew the basics of HPC. However, there is an intro talk which covers almost all about HPC on the first day.