3 min readSep 10, 2021


Hey everyone! We wanted to send you into the weekend with a progress report for the next Lysergic Labs drop!

As you know, the team has been tirelessly working on a novel burn-to-mint feature that will add value to the shroomz ecosystem. Our blockchain and front end devs have been writing and testing code and we have a really good handle on how the tech end of this will work. This is something completely new in the NFT space and the name of the game when releasing something like this is TESTING, TESTING, TESTING!!

While the devs do their thing, our design team has been steeped in 90s rave culture as we create the vibe for this release! This was such a vibrant time for electronic music where an underground movement started by a small group of similarly-minded young people grew into an international phenomenon. We see similarities in our own community and it is nothing short of inspiring!!

RAVE!!! — Photo by Matthew Smith

With that said, we are pleased to announce the name of the next drop…ACIDHEADZ!! This is an obvious reference to the famous psychedelic, but also a nod to the acid house music of the early 90s. We will be incorporating elements of both of these influences into the design.

ACIDHEADZ Smiley Logo by Mr. Penfold

We wanted to announce some guest artists that will be contributing to the amazing work that Daniel Aristizábal Arias ( will be spearheading.

We are again working with Mr. Penfold ( on the logo design as well as some website assets (website will be live soon!!). We are huge fans of his work and love his clean, fun designs. We feel that they fit perfectly with the vibe of this community.

ACIDHEADZ Text Logo by Mr. Penfold

We are also incredibly stoked to announce that we will be working with the absolute LEGEND Symmetric Vision (!! You may know him as StingrayZ on reddit for his shockingly accurate psychedelic drug replication videos that dominate r/replications. His work is an incredible combination of art, tech, and psychedelic experience. No one on earth is doing what he does and we are beyond grateful to have his contribution to this drop!! Needless to say, his work will be a super rare attribute in the ACIDHEADZ drop and those few that manage to mint one will be owners of a truly scarce asset!

3DVR DMT Visuals by Symmetric Vision

Ok, back to work! We will keep you all informed as we proceed through the design and launch process. We will have a special announcement regarding the music for ACIDHEADZ very soon!!

As always, nothing we do is accidental, everything is done with intention, and we love each and every one of the shroomz fam!!

p.s. To the musicians in our community…have you ever wanted to have your music featured in an NFT drop…?? ;)




10,000 unique (and deflationary) 3D-animated trippy mushrooms — with face tats — and custom music!