I am, unquestionably, a cad and a bounder for leaving you to await as long as I have, to say…
Awful Pictures

Hahahaha! Oh, thank you. I have indeed been waiting patiently. Of course I did not forget that I had posted a comment to your Nights/Knights in White Satin comic/cartoon (what is the proper term?). It never left my mind, not even while sleeping. I must admit I’ve assumed for over 20 years it was Knights as well, though their calloused hands (from hefting chain mail and daily jousting) would likely scratch and pick the satin material to shreds. I’d recommend they switch to Egyptian cotton.

Yeah, so you did make me laugh out loud. Thank you for the response, late as it is. I’m in the last seven weeks of grad school, so my life is hell and fun is non-existent right now. I needed a laugh.

I will await … no, I will merely look forward to your next comic/cartoon.

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