Unintended consequences of innocent curiosity
stephanie jo kent

Hi Stephanie and Nathan, you both bring up relevant points about the question of “where are you from?” More than any other point Jason made, I found myself focused on this question and reconsidering whether I should ever ask that question in the future. I consider myself a welcoming, inclusive person and when I ask this question of others, it is always because I am interested in getting to know the person better. (And, I know my geography pretty well).

I think I will continue to ask this question as I always have, when I feel it is appropriate — when I am getting to know someone and it is clear that I am interested in them as a person. I believe most people can tell when another person is being sincere.

Jason, thank you for sharing the results of your study. I found it informative and of particular interest to me currently because I’ve just become friends with a Chinese-American man. Your writing helps me, at a high-level, better understand how he may experience life in the US.

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