Dear successful creatives, your morning habits don’t do shit for me.
Andie Katschthaler

Thanks for writing this, Andie. I hate mornings, so all of those articles by morning people about their regimented morning schedule just makes me feel bad about myself. Enough! I will no longer read any of those. And, anyways, I am a successful person, darn it, in spite of hating mornings. I know I can do the morning routine, because I have to do it twice a week when I have 8 AM classes. But it’s not my natural way of operating. You are so right about social media in the morning. In fact, I would be studying right now if I hadn’t opened my iPad. I know that as my semester continues, I’ll have to do away with my social media activities in the morning. I don’t look forward to it, but wow, I can get a lot of things done when I don’t have that distraction.

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