My Top 10 Stupidest Gardening Moves
Geoffrey B Ives

What a great article, Geoff! I’ve never done a vegetable garden because I have a toad phobia (they totally love my ugly backyard). However, I obsessed on my front yard several years ago, re-landscaped the entire thing including rock-lined paths, retaining walls, and a variety of trees and smaller plants. It was a buttload of work that was primarily done in the summer over three months. I should point out that the toads do not like my front yard, otherwise none of this would’ve happened. The maintenance isn’t nearly as challenging as a vegetable garden, I’m sure. But I loved doing the manual work when I first re-landscaped, and I love getting out there in the soil to weed — when I have time — and, over the past few years, seeing my plants grow. And I know about pests, though my most troublesome ones are moles and voles. Apparently the moles dig the tunnels but they are helpful in that they eat bugs. I guess I shouldn’t count them as pests, except that they enable the voles. The voles utilize the mole tunnels and eat the roots of my plants. They destroyed an entire row of expensive shrubby, decorative, multicolored plants, the name of which evades me right now. Sighhhh …

You write very well. And for the second time in a month, a writer on Medium has made me laugh out loud in the morning. This, the laughing out loud before noon, is rare. Please continue writing; you have a new follower.

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