8:28 pm- “How’s the shopping going.. you absolutely must look at these pins I saved — they have the best wedding cards. It must be so much fun. I wish I was there!”

8 :28 pm-“I am so sorry … I can’t even imagine how hard it must for you , dealing with this right now, all by yourself, I wish I was there!”

8:28 pm- “Oh no, when did this happen! That’s terrible, what about her family, was anyone else hurt? I wish I could be there to help!”

8:28 pm- “Congratulations!! You so deserved that! You’re all out celebrating? Daaamn I wish I was there”

Chaos. We’re so connected, that we’re absolutely all alone. How can you be five different feelings all at the same time? Is any of it sincere? Do I have an answer to how am I feeling right now? I cannot possibly be excited about someone’s wedding. And at the same time soothe an aching heart for someone who has lost someone dear. And plan someone else’s baby shower. Talk to a friend about how sad I am about something that happened at work. Laugh at an insecure friend’s really bad joke.

All at the exact same time.

It’s deeply unsettling.

There are always different feeds, all demanding your attention. And I am not even talking about Facebook or twitter or any of the other open platforms. Individual, personal conversations. Where you are chatting with a friend .On WhatsApp. On any messaging app. When you are supposed to be giving them all your attention. Of course you are. Just as you are to the four others.

Should it be that easy to switch from one train of thought to the other? Like personalized ringtones and themes for different contacts , have personalized moods for each conversation .

All these little windows, that are all constantly open. Connecting us to our closest friends, family. Making it possible to reach out whenever, to whomever. And in the process. Making you cold and autonomic. It saps your energy. Strains at your emotional balance.

Splits your thoughts into parallel little lines, diminishing the charge in each. Fills your mind with pithy responses. As you jump from conversation to conversation. Play round robin. Read. Reply. And not register.

Is it so surprising then. That we should have Allo. Who will make up your lines for you. Who will imprint images of yourself into all conversations. You can outsource your relationships. For free. You can be everywhere. Without being anywhere.

Go by life with a large amicable audience. An audience that is switching channels each time you blink. Nobody is watching the whole movie.

And neither are you. Didn’t you just renew your Netflix and HotStar memberships? And YouTube is still free.