How my writing and reading habits helped me navigate through my mental chatter!

“I am no pro-writer, but my writing do communicate

I am no grammar expert, but my sentences make sense

I am no booker awardee, but my words touch the hearts

With no filters, no beautification, straight from the heart to the millions of hearts”

This is how I pen down every random thought, that passes through my mind every single day. It’s been six years now, and I don’t miss to pen down in my journal. My journaling habit began with the chaos! When I lost trust in people and started embracing the solitude. The beautiful state of mind to enjoy one’s company. I don’t need a topic to write, the content flows in with the blink of eyes! It starts with imagination followed by visualization and finally on white paper. It’s so surreal, as I put down my serendipitous habits here today.

Why you should write?

Writing is a way of expressing unexpressed expressions. Yet times some lose freedom of speech, some lose freedom of expression and writing comes as a out bust of pent-up feelings. Gradually the habit turns to love and love becomes a passion for writing.

How did I benefit from this?

When I hit my rock-bottom, I ask “Why?”.

The solution for all the root causes lies in “why’s”! It’s a powerful self-analysis exercise.

Eg; Why do you want to continue your job?

Because I love it.

Why do you love it?

Because I enjoy playing with flowers (I am a plant Breeder)

Why do you enjoy it?

Because I am contributing to get every grain you gulp on your plate!

This small exercise, not just explained my state of mind but also the sense of purpose I serve! Likewise, if you start questioning every ups and down you will end up with genuine answers which we usually brush off in our day today hassle.

From a scribbler to a blogger: The journey I cherish!

Scribbling my pent-up feelings, I slowly started four-liners. As I started enjoying my writing, I extended my writing as parting letters or welcoming quotes. For some to appreciate their achievements while for others to empathize with their loss, for some birthday cards and some anniversary messages. And finally landed as a blogger! A fearless expression of my feelings. The issues, silenced or unheard or the happiness not glorified, I give my voice through my loud writing putting a full stop to all the mental chatter I go through!

How does reading fit in this frame?

Writing and reading are the two faces of the same coin. Once you start writing, to understand the depth of the content you put up reading becomes an inevitable habit. Mental chatter is a dangerous state of mind doubting the essence of one’s existence! You don’t realize the cocoon of toxicity you nitt with the crumbling situation. Luckily for me, writing paved the way for reading bringing a paradigm shift in my life. The habits that restored peace in my life.

An avid reader of nonfiction!

When non-fiction seems boring and unacceptable to many, I find myself glued to it. Non-fictions are mainly written based on life experiences. The golden words come out of human suffering, downfall, and thriving success! The success that everyone craves unaware of the process and hardships every successful individual goes through! Marathoning on auto-biographies and non-fictions set the following qualities in me

1. Undeterred optimism: An positive mindset despite every setback.

2. Tackling the response to Setback: A journey from aggressive to conscious mindset

3. Confident and fearless lifestyle

4. Fast reader

Reading and writing might look like a nerdy trait, but the fact is it’s a “lifestyle”. Once you adapt to it, it just creates abundance in everything you see, hear and do. Your perspective of people and situations takes a 180° turn. The best way for a successful life! I have enjoyed this lifestyle and learn every day to give my best irrespective of every crumbling/upheaving situation around me!



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