Design. Evaluate. Designer

(Questions that I never have an answer to- A funny read, So chill!!!)

If you did follow my posts before, you would have already known that I am a designer (by certification) since past 5 years.

I tried to figure out what design is all about and what is it exactly to be a “designer” for four years as a student and for past two years in a corporate world. 
 Please don’t expect an answer for this question from me. I am a similar to many designers who are reading this post and handling multiple responsibilities which I could never tag to this term “Designer”. Or putting in a different way, I realized what it is to be a designer in a small part of the world- “Corporate world”

As years passed in this field, I have explored and recognized plenty of kinds of designers: graphic, visual, product, interaction, UX, space, animation, cognitive, ergonomics, and strategy- many fancy terms in this field. I am happy with all this, so far so good. But there is one part of being a designer which I could never figure out- “Evaluation”. Of course, the title has the three words to give you a hint. Let’s try the combination of the words:

1. Design Evaluation

2. Evaluation of Design

3. Designer of a design

4. Evaluation of a designer

I really don’t think I have to explain the first three terms.
Design Evaluation: In other terms, Usability testing of a concept that is been prototyped and weighing its value for further iterations/betterment.
Evaluation of Design: this comes more in the beginning stages of the process when you tend to have multiple concepts/ iterations for the designer to weigh his/her ideas and take his idea forward
 Designer of a design: Aah!! Dezin’error’ (a word coined by one of my professors) of the whole process of Design this fellow is called “Designer”. I am kidding!! I respect this fellow as I am one (or may be).

Now comes this enigma that I could never crack and lately realized that I don’t want to solve either is “Evaluation of a designer”.

Honestly, I am not here to point any finger, but I am here to point that this is a puzzle someone should not get into (especially grads who get a certificate to survive through this )

Evaluation of a designer always brings me to a fix when I don’t know what do they exactly try to evaluate?

Following questions go through my head:

1. Which designer cares about it? Doesn’t design become a passion ? Who can evaluate someone’s passion?

2. Are the so called managers/ reviewers evaluating the designers according the market value of the product ?

3. Ideation of a designer is a “time-fight”. The idea I got might have already triggered in my designer partner 10 secs before. How is this evaluated?

4. Bigger part is, when a graphic designer and researcher are evaluated in the same system? I really respect the reviewer who cracked the code for weighing the icons vs insights. *Slow Claps*

5. Design is about experiences and gained knowledge to reflect while designing. So does this mean, our childhood is also being evaluated (oops!!! ) or is it the “reflection” part evaluated? If so, are the reviewers shiny surfaces to calculate “reflection” :D :D

6. Ofcourse Design evaluation seems to have some “personalization and customization”. FRANKLY, I really don’t fall in this trap of thought. As, personally I was a victim of people thinking I am one in this trap. Grow Up Kids!!

Passion has no limits or checkpoints ;)

I would love to listen to more tricky questions that anyone (as designer) gets into your mind. I am sure, every designer has gone(is going) through this.

-Shruthi Chivukula