Help is just a click away Bro..!!

In life, most of the times, we will be attached to a particular thing to an extent that life seems to be uneasy in its absence. For everything, we have one thing fixed for instance; we buy clothes from a particular shop, grocery from one, house hold things from one and a regular plumber and carpenter for home. Just a phone call or prior information, these people will always be there for help. One such guy whom I miss today is my laundry guy Suri.

Suri and his father were running a local laundry shop in the area and it was the most qualitative laundry service I have experience in the recent days. The shop was smaller where Suri’s father used to wash and iron the clothes and Suri’s job was to collect and deliver the clothes to home. I had been to shop couple of times and it was like a garage made of aluminium sheets and every time the radio will be on and I have never seen Suri’s father sitting idle in the shop. Any time, there will be in and out of people to the shop and the shop name was Suri Laundry. Being quite famous in the area, it acted as a landmark to my house.

Suri was a small boy going to a government school and helping his dad in the business. I admire him that at the small age, he was so matured enough to take care of the business and as far as my experience, Suri has never missed clothes or made late in the deliveries. I guess this kind of people turn out be a great entrepreneur in the future. They had thoroughly understood the pulse and customer pain point which is the most important in the business. Though they were earning less in terms of money but in terms of fame and love, they were unmatchable.

Life was cool but on a bad day, Suri’s father died of tuberculosis and there Suri laundry got closed. A small boy went to his village and there was a kind of silence spread in the area. I was badly missing their service until I found another helping hand called is an online portal for doorstep laundry and other home services like house cleaning, pest control, car wash etc. Their service was professional, packaging was neat and delivery was awesome. Every time, when a guy from Bro4u comes to my doorstep to pick-up the clothes, I remember Suri.