Laundry is made easy.

I’m Sunaina Bhatt, a working woman residing in Bangalore. Besides, I was a housewife too carrying the responsibilities of both home and office. Being a manager at Bank, my schedule will be usually hectic but I try my all the best to manage home and office work in balance without causing any inconvenience to my family members. My day starts at 10 in the morning and it will be late night to reach the home. Before going to the office, I have to prepare the breakfast, wash the clothes, and clean the house and not forgetting to make my son ready for school. Husband was helping but in his busy schedule, he could not be of a great help.

Every time, there used to be a misunderstanding with husband for some delay in the work and as are Brahmin, I refuse to have a maid as she will not have the necessary serenity but my husband enforces me to have one. Cleaning house and cooking food is all fine but washing clothes was a headache. As I was working, daily I have to wear ironed sarees and so with the husband and more often he had to wear the blazers and washing them is the most tedious job in the life.

My son was a small kid studying in first standard and as a child it is common for him to get the clothes dirty easily but as a mother, I was to struggle really hard in doing laundry but I used to do it for the my love towards my family. One thing I want to share is that sometimes I feel proud for being MOM but when it comes to laundry, I hate myself but none. I guess for every mother, this is a common problem especially for the ones who do not feel comfortable with untidy maid.

However, my husband didn’t step back and one evening, he came up with an idea to go for an online laundry. So while browsing the internet, we came to know about a home service start-up called Bro4u had ’n’ number of services such has Deep House cleaning,Home Appliances Repair but we stick to laundry. So we thought to try Bro4u’s laundry service and upon placing the request, our clothes was picked up and delivered in 2 days. I was really happy with their service and in just a few clicks, my problem got solved.

Today, I’m thankful to my husband for introducing me to Bro4u.