He said, then I said.

'Whatever’, he thought, sat down banging.
'Whatever’, I thought, sat down smirking.
'The colors we see are flaws of nature reflected' , said he.
'The flaws we see are the reflected colors of our nature’, said I.
'The paths we choose define our destiny,they said' , he said.
'Our destiny defines us as we are the ones who choose our paths’, I said.
'These smiles; so temporary,nothing satisfying that lasts long’, he said.
'This life; so temporary,why not live it beholding memories that last long ?' , I rhetorically asked.
'Our days oscillate like waves hitting back and forth’, he said. 
'Though back and forth,but with new shells and fresh pebbles’, I said.
'Entrapped in our own minds, we’re stuck here hoping from nothingness’, he exclaimed.
'Entrapped, we’re discovering the depths of the most complex creation inside us’, I cried.
'It’s all in the perspective,you say?’, he asked. 
'It is indeed all in the perspective!' , I said.
'Good-day’, he said while walking away with his leather tote. 
'Good-bye' , I said picking up my quad stick.

-Sadhica Arya Bolledula.

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