A few weeks back, I was watching a YouTube tutorial on growing Bonsai trees when the tutor in the video said– “There are only four things a Bonsai needs to grow and thrive–moisture, good earth, light, and optimum temperature. You don’t grow a Bonsai, you nurture it with dedication, sincere love, affection, and the right knowledge.”

It dawned on me that it’s true for every relationship- with your plants, animals, your family, or leader. I have a very fulfilling relationship with my family but there is something oddly satisfying about my career that I wanted to share with you.


We all have been caught in an unexpected situation. No one had even imagined in their wildest dream that one day the entire world would be sitting inside their homes, devoid of human connection, and scared for their lives. The situation is grim and right now it’s hard to imagine how we are going to get out of it. Governments are on their toes trying to raise awareness among people how to take precautions.

As a measure, all over the world, schools, colleges, offices, and religious gatherings all over the world are shut down in order to isolate people from…

Would you be surprised if I tell you that a study by HBR has pointed out that instant feedback hurts our performance? The study included 382 Singapore residents who participated in the hope of getting an insurance discount. The participants allowed a mobile-app to monitor and rate their driving on the basis of behaviors like speeding, braking, accelerating, etc.

When the results came out, the researchers found that driving scores were 13.3% worse on trips taken right after drivers had reviewed their ratings. In comparison, people who hadn’t reviewed their ratings displayed no such erratic behavior.

An obvious reaction to…

“I Was Meant For Soup, Salad, Maybe Chili. And Then The Trash! I’m Litter!”

When Forky, the googly-eyed spork, from Toy Story 4 said these lines to Woody, my heart skipped a beat. It resonated a deeper sentiment of feeling worthless. Or, worse- accepting worthlessness.

Forky wasn’t meant to be a toy. But his creator Bonnie, a kindergartner, created him during craft time in her school. And it turned his life upside down as he couldn’t come to terms with living a life he had never imagined.

Does that sound familiar? A feeling when you start questioning “What is my…

Sunset views at Angel’s Landing

Some things in life come to you in a big fat surprise package. And a good-kind of surprise. The one that gives you happy memories whenever you remember them. Angel’s Landing was one such hike for us.

Tarun and I were in the US in October 2019 when we planned the West Coast road trip that covers the famous national parks in the US. Zion National Park was our first stop. We rented a car from Las Vegas and headed straight for Utah.

The best part about the roads in the US is the driving experience. Although it was Tarun’s…

Fell in love with the book cover too!

There is a reason why I pick books after much consideration. It has got nothing to do with my overzealous life. It’s because I fear that I will die before reading the best literature on the face of the Earth. So, just like my friends, I pick my books very carefully.

Anyway, I picked Milk Teeth by Amrita Mahale because a. it was Longlisted for the JCB prize for Literature 2019, and b. After stalking the author on Instagram, I got to know that she is a Product manager working in AI for public health.

Remember that feeling when you…

People who know me know that I’m a scaredy-cat; a chicken. If you hide behind the door and surprise me, there’s a good chance that I’ll shriek louder than at least five howler monkeys. Loud enough to scare you in return, yes! It’s hard to understand why I’m like that but trust me, I’m not proud of it either. From this disorder, stem other problems like the fear of water, fear of the dark, fear of animals biting/poisoning me, fear of losing loved ones, fear of dying by drowning/choking and the list is probably endless.

It’s not always that fear…

Back in 2016, if someone asked me why I left my job, I gave them a nasty stare and told them that I left my job to become a writer- a poignant, eloquent wordsmith who worshipped words and derived pleasure from articulating thoughts into stories people would love. That’s what I thought I would become.

Even as a child, I often found recluse in things which spurred my creative streaks. I felt bored when I had to play indoor and trade my freedom with board games. I felt utmost happiness when I was out in the open, looking at things…

My tryst with the Arabian sea

Image credits- Unsplash

Before I sat down to write this, I went through the phobia list on the internet and apprised myself with the exact term for my fear. I got to know that there are, to be precise, three different terms for the same fear. (Also, I felt grateful that I am not aware or not living with the hundred other fears that exist in the world).

Now, according to this list on the internet, I have Potamophobia, Bathophobia, and Lygophobia. Don’t go away searching for their meanings, I’ll tell you what they mean.

I have a fear of water. And depth…

It was 6.30 am when I came out carrying his luggage. He is leaving again. This time in India to join his new office in IIT Roorkee. I was supposed to accompany him, but it got postponed.

As he stuffed his luggage inside the car, I kept mumbling things to him- “I have kept two apples in the lunch bag. And, drive safe, okay? Don’t rush. And you have stuffed three paranthas, don’t fall asleep while driving. Stop someplace and drink chai.”

He didn’t look at me but said “Hmm..okay.”

I went on- “I should have come with you, no?”

Shruti Sharma

Storyteller @Quovantis, BookFairy @booksontheMetro. Merry Giggler. Reader and Writer. I share my experiences and experiments on Instagram @shrutibookfairysharma

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