I was born in this city. Yes, this city is my pride and love my city. Its not just about my home and my family, I have spent my half life in this city. I have made Tons of memories, growing up what i am today. Some of these memories are crazy and some funky. Some brings joy and some pain. Some upgrade and some degrade. All these memories are my achievements even though I may not receive any medal from them. They have made me grow strong and bold by facing all the ups and downs in my life. The candies I bought from the shop or the secret corner I used to hide while playing hide and seek or the hotels I went with my family and friends reminds me of the joy I had and refreshes me with old memories.


Now as a 24 years old grown up, need no company to go to the same candy shop or the hotels or to the places I prefer to roam about. But I am forced to take my brother or my friends to places I hang out. In the burning summer, where no one prefers to hang out, I have to hang out in day. My city which I love and have spent half lifetime is NOT SAFE for me. The lane or the park I played is unsafe today. My that secret corner has turned into dangerous corner. The way to my school I traveled as a princess is also unsafe today .

When young, I would love those long ride my dad used to take me in the night. The cool weather in the night thrilled me. Today, I cant experience the same joy alone on my bike. . I am in a dilemma that should I be proud of my memories I spent in this city or should I be shameful that my own city is unsafe for me today . I think this condition is not alone in my city, it’s the condition of all the cities in the country. The daughters of the cities feel insecure to go out in the night or even in daytime, they have to hear the comments as a statue displaced in the in exhibition where people comment on the looks and color or size and shape.

That smiley expression I would get once I would hear my city name is turning and haunting as a question tag.