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Nish Rao

Hahaha, so it’s the middle of the night here and this suddenly pops up in my feed. Had to read the previous threads to get the context.

Absolutely, I’m sorry I came across annoyed.

This was a recurrent topic in multiple forums and I guess I just got frustrated with all the opinions and solutions. The thing is, even though we glorify public transport, it still is a shit deal. At least here in Chennai and I would like to say that the following is my opinion lest I offend fellow Chennai-ites out here. Let me tell you something, AC buses here get so crowded that the AC cannot keep up, the air stagnates and the whole journey is as uncomfortable as possible. Imagine this before or after work. The railways are poorly lit during the night and safety for women is questionable. Which is sad because most IT companies have women who work really late. Recently there was the issue of a women being hacked to death on a railway station. Most people opt for public transport because they don’t have a choice. Which makes me wonder what people would do if they did have a choice. Anyway, that is just speculation. What I am trying to say is that public transport is a hard sell when someone can afford, in every possible sense, a private one. Unless they are a wonderfully, environmentally inclined soul, all of it will fall on deaf ears. Which is frustrating. But the sharing options are looking good, so that’s great. ☺

It was a great article and absolutely loved your reply! Keep the good stuff coming! ☺