We have finally gotten a glimpse of what has been talked about and dreaded for a while. I must admit it is all that and more. It is somehow also fun and I had not given much thought to it being fun.

Today we made a weather app and in a long time I enjoyed the class. To be unencumbered with too many details and to see and enjoy the dynamism that angular is. After exalting in all its virtues now we can get back to business.

It is an open source web application framework that is suited especially for single page applications such as gmail and other google apps. It requires HTML, JS and CSS- the holy trinity. Incidentally (but then again may be not) it is developed and maintained by google.

Some of the things that are special and peculiar to Angular are:

TWO-WAY data binding. So far model in node is the source of all information that fuels and renders the pages, but in angular it is a two way street. This also means the code reads better is leaner and is very engaging for the user.

The MVC on server side is mirrored on the client side as well which makes testing and debugging less cumbersome. We haven’t yet gotten to that, but I am looking forward to it.

It also has a built in dependency injection system.

Tomorrow we see how the backend knits in with the views. This is no way a comprehensive view of all that angular is. It is not even meant to be but I sure am eager to see what is beneath the scratched surface.

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