All You Need to Know About Face Bleaching

Every woman wishes to have smooth and glowing skin. However, the over increasing population makes your skin dull. In order to get that glow back, you can consider face bleaching. It is one of the best skin treatment solutions and helps in having fair skin. One of the greatest benefits of face bleaching is that it helps in lightening the facial hairs. Other than this, it also helps in getting rid of dark spots on the face.

It is of paramount importance that you do face bleaching with utmost care and precaution. You should choose bleach according to your skin type. There are some women whose skin do not respond well with bleaching. If you are not sure of the same, you can blindly trust the experts offering home beauty services. Mentioned are some of the procedures and protections a woman needs to consider when bleaching:

Types of Face Bleach

One of the major aspect you need to consider when giving a great facial treatment is knowing there are two major types of face bleach.

Powered bleach — This is one of the major types of face bleach. This type majorly involves mixing bleaching power ammonia and liquid hydrogen peroxide. It is seen that powered bleach offers high effect. This is one major reason why you should use this type only when you have freckles and dark spots.

Cream bleach — This is another type of face bleach which is readily available through chemists and drug stores. You will find this is one common bleach which is found in parlors.

Other than these two major types, there are also other face bleaching types like:

Oxy Bleach — This is considered to a safe bleach option and is offered with a pre-bleach cream which works as a shield to the skin. It helps in reviving the skin by the oxygen and offers an instant glow.

Milk Bleach — If you have sensitive skin you are highly advised to use milk bleach. It is made using milk powder and should be applied mixing ammonia.

Aloe Vera bleach — Aged skin can sag due to bleaching. However, this can be avoided by using Aloe Vera bleach as it helps in keeping the skin moisture intact.

How to Use the Face Bleach?

A Patch Test Is Highly Recommended

Now that you are selected the bleach, the next step is all about doing a patch test. This should be done by applying a patch on your elbow or behind the ears. In case you experience redness or irritation from any type, skip the idea and consider a homemade bleach.


If you have read skin care tips you will know, applying bleach directly will affect your skin. This is where the importance of cleansing the facial skin is felt. Cleansing can be done washing your face with cool water and mild and gentle face wash. You are highly advised to not use hot or warm water as it will open pores leading to skin harm.

Make A Paste and Apply It

You are advised to make a paste using right ratio quality. A little bit more of anything can harm your skin. If you do not know, it is wise to seek facial home service. The professional beautician will, in fact, offer a facial bleach according to the skin type. The paste has to be applied in a downward motion, avoiding the areas near the eyes, lips, and eyebrows. The beauty parlour home service is just the answer when you have a date or an important meeting that was just planned without prior notice.

Keep the bleach to dry and wash it off with cold water. Once you remove the bleach do not forget to apply the moisturizer. Seek expert help in case you are finding it difficult or do not know properly to apply it.