Learn & Grow: Looking back at an amazing week in Silicon Valley w/ Powr of You, Rodrigo Barros RB, Keshav Malani #startuptour #handson

Last week we got an amazing opportunity. The Powr of You founders (Keshav Malani and myself) took a trip to Silicon Valley to meet all famous investors we tend to hear about, learn from the amazing people at Facebook, Google, Netflix, HP, Evernote and more, and truly experience the energetic, infectious, entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley.

And coming back from this, we’ve been thinking about some of the things we heard, and trying to Thinking back to just a few of the takeaways from last week to share with the startup community:

  • Everyone focuses on online and social media (yes, yes, they are important!) but don’t forget that the offline connection can just be as strong, or even stronger, to build a community, not just a product. via Evernote visit.
  • Always build with ‘reusability’ in mind, via Martin Spier #HandsOn_TV #Netflix
  • Keep it simple with features. And remember A/B testing is the best way to make decisions. Let the data speak for itself, via Todd Yellin #Netflix
  • Only move your business if and when it makes sense for your business, via every esteemed lawfirm we spoke with in Silicon Valley :)
  • Try out Dynamic Stock Plan with your companies, via Jay Adelson. Some details here in this Gigaom article and lots more online including the document template. Don’t believe me? Just try google it.
  • When trying to create the company culture think less about rules, more about behaviors you want to encourage, reward and exhibit yourself as a founder, via not sure who, but wise words nonetheless :P
  • Promote transparency, open exchange of ideas, iteration and failure via every successful and failed entrepreneur we spoke with in the Silicon Valley. It’s the SV culture.
  • And above all, some of my favorite statements from the Draper University Superhero Oath “I will fail and fail again until I succeed”, “I will treat people well”, “I will take care of myself” via Tim Draper

Each of us has a story. So do the startups we create. And I can say that the #startuptour has been an experience with a lasting impact and a part of my story, both personally and professionally. Learning & growing!

Thanks a lot to Rodrigo Barros RB & Handson TV #startuptour team (Fred, Diego, Renato, Fernando) for the incredible experience, conversations and the time with colleagues from top European startups (Glowee Signaturit Inviita TutoTOONS Optimiam Antelope) in an enriching way.

Evernote visit

Checkout the highlights from each day of the tour here and be sure to lookout for the Startup Tour this year!

http://goo.gl/Fta3uP — HandsOn Startup Tour — Taking Off to Silicon Valley
http://goo.gl/TyzH7Q — Day 2- Visiting San Francisco
http://goo.gl/YiSJZJ — Day 3 — Singularity University, Global Tech Venture and Movile USA
http://goo.gl/9JIkkb — Day 4 — Draper University, Evernote, DLA Piper, and Silicon House
http://goo.gl/fQAifi — Day 5 — GSVLabs, Gunderson Dettmer, Stanford University, and Facebook
http://goo.gl/62KS2b — Day 6 — Jay Adelson, FounderStudio, Partech Ventures, Netflix and Tommaso Di Bartolo
http://goo.gl/FawFuh — Day 7- Google, HP