Shruti Rai

Kaleidoscope part 1

Two people

Stuck in a kaleidoscope

Running hither & thither

One is getting tired

The other delusional

Heavy breathing

Sweating from the sides

They have a baggage made of glass

Saving, panting, running

Two people

Stuck in a kaleidoscope

One has found a resting place

The other wants to save the glass baggage

One wants to sit and muse

The other is anxious

One is anxious now

The other is handling glass baggage

Tucked away in its clipped wings

They have wings but clipped

Stuck in a kaleidoscope.

A maze, a puzzle to solve

It seems like it’s over

Stuck, diabolically, in a kaleidoscope

Saving the glass baggage.

One has found a hammer

The other is in denial

One asks to hit and break the maze

The other wants to solve

Time is getting up

Both running, saving, panting



Shruti Rai

Shruti Rai

Major dog pamperer! A Feminist and writer in progress, perpetually get weird fire dreams.