Shruti Saran
Nov 22, 2018 · 1 min read

I would like to know what the carbohydrates in the test phase were and I find it super frustrating that the authors of this trial feel they can draw the conclusions they have about low/high carb diets without accounting for carb quality, especially when they acknowledge that a past study that DID emphasize carb quality “reported no effect modification by insulin secretion or genetic factors among 609 overweight adults assigned to low fat compared with low carbohydrate diets.” I also noticed that the authors kept added sugar at 15% of total carbs for all participants in the test phase. Does this mean the 60% carbohydrate group was getting 9% of their calories from added sugar every day? Isn’t that…a lot? I feel like that alone could account for the metabolic discrepancies across the groups in the test phase. Would love clarification on this, Dr. Ludwig.

    Shruti Saran

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