Worshipping the Lord in these Snapchat times.

In the daily grind of post-modern living we get accustomed to routine. We live lives like clockwork. We worship by the clock too. I guess our worship is quite like Snapchat, expressed in snippets and smileys but all gone in a moment. In all this I wonder whether we truly recognise our Lord whom we worship.

King David helps us by describing the indescribable God in relation to us and our surroundings​. Yes this king took time to worship the Lord. David’s perspective of the Lord helps us recognise His awesome sovereignty.

David begins Psalm 8 using the contrasting and yet connected themes of “heaven and earth” to describe His majesty and glory. The Lord is lord over all, he has no boundary wall, all of it is His! He is not bound up in Heaven, He is present with us here as well.

David goes on to describe a conflict situation. We see enemies, foes and those that avenge but the battle is won not by a mighty army but by children. The idea here is that the Lord uses the weak to humble the strong. David has seen it first-hand​ and acknowledges it as well.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on how the Lord​ granted us victories in the recent past.

In this ‘me’ centered world of today, we think a lot of ourselves. But who are we when compared to the maker of this Universe? We don’t stand a chance! That’s the bitter truth but there is a greater truth as well; our Lord values us deeply despite our insignificance. He gave us His image — what a privilege to carry!

He cares for us, we see it in His redemptive work. He didn’t just leave us rather He is actively working to restore and redeem us. In our day to day life, every moment we survive is a testament to his care.

Our Lord is mighty beyond measure but still He is mindful of us. We on the other hand, in our naivety consider ourselves strong and fail to bow down before the Lord of lords.

Our attitude towards God often is that of an equal when in reality we are zero and He is infinity. Yes, he calls us co-heirs but that is grace, we didn’t earn it. He gives us dominion over His creation, He makes us co-workers in His redemptive mission but none of that give us any right to boast. Rather we should be more grateful and approach Him with reverence and a contrite heart.

The Lord loves us and everything around us shows that. Let us take more time to step away from our daily grinds and reflect on who the Lord is, and what he is doing in our lives. Personally for me to recognise his real and active presence in my life is such a humbling and yet exciting experience. It’s worth taking time out to spend with Him.

May we continue to grow closer to Him and let Him work deeper in us. Amen

Quiet time is a spiritual exercise that helps us to reflect on the word and relate it to our lives. Follow the link to a short ebook on how do to quiet time: