Fuck You, I’d Spit In Your Cupcakes.
Asher Wolf

Woman, you rock!

One other thing you can’t do once you have a child is dress in any way that is conceived as sexy or cool. If you do you’re a slut or you’re a bad mother or both.

I love to cook and bake. It’s a zen like thing for me. Cooking gives me lots of visualization time with a sharp knife and irritating coworkers, I mean, veggies and meat. Yeah, that’s the right words. Baking is an art that I enjoy.

However because I was a single mom with “only” one child, this also made me the go to mom for treats for the kids. (Goddess help the next person who ever hands me a list of dietary testrictions!) This because I have “plenty of time” with “only one child and no husband to please”. And only one pair of hands to do all the household stuff, work, take care of the kid and, gods forbid, do anything for myself.

I should also add I can cook and bake because I was raised poor and I learned early it’s cheaper and healthier to make decent food from scratch than buy it.

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