How to: Design Think.

Right now think of an issue you see in your day to day life. How can you change it for the better? We all face daily problems or even inconveniences that only takes a single person to jump up and say “I will be the one to fix it!” So why not you? You have the potential to be a world changer, an evolutionary leader, a daydreamer, a design thinker. But how? Let’s take a look from a few of our great revolutionaries to help lead our path to successfully design think and problem solve.

Pablo Picasso. He single handedly change the market for Spanish artwork by simply simplifying daily life into abstract shapes called cubism. He solved a problem that people never even knew existed. He shifted the minds of the art world by creating pieces that people never knew would be considered a piece of artwork.

Steve Jobs. Jobs made the “American dream” come alive by creating a new product and brand that all of the world could enjoy. He practically promoted design thinking himself as he advertised his “Think different” campaign.

So what do these two leaders and so many more have in common? They all see a problem, find a way to change it, pursue the movement, and never give up. In more technical terms they : empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test.

  1. Empathize. View from the inside perspective. Know who you are designing for. Discover the people’s needs they may not see.
  2. Define. Take your findings and compact them into a complete understanding of the need. Figure out your focus for your fix.
  3. Ideate. Think wide and open concepts for helping your needs. Figure out fixes for your focus.
  4. Prototype. Make your fixes into the physical form. Prototypes are the most helpful when you use them and learn form them.
  5. Test. Get feedback and test as if you were wrong. This is your chance to interact, learn from your mistakes and try again.

Every day you see problems in the world that need someone to use their design thinking skills to solve the situations. You have the opportunity to be the next Thomas Edison, Jeno Paulucci or Garrett Camp. Imagine if they would not have created the things we use now on a daily basis. Imagine if you had to face a day without lightbulbs, pizza rolls or Uber. You could be the person that changes the cycle of the world, so start your design thinking today.

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