Who is Jinghua Chen?

Hi, I’m Jinghua Chen, an international student from China. Now, I major in Integrated Marketing, the master program of NYU. Yes, the person in the picture above is me. Beautiful, right? Ahaha.

Well, I will introduce myself to you. I grew up in a traditional Chinese family, following my grandfather, a Chinese teacher. Therefore, I was enlightened earlier than other peers. That’s why I love literature and chose Chinese as my major when I entered college.

Thanks to my grandfather and my major, I laid a solid foundation for the writing, especially in content designing. I have been a chief editor of a Magazine of school when I was a junior. And I have also been one of the partners of a start-up company, mainly taking charge of PR and a part of marketing. Before graduation, I applied for an internship in Fleishmanhillard for about two months. After graduation, I received the offer from NYU fortunately and decided to study abroad for two years.

When it comes to why I choose to study abroad, it is a long story. To be honest, based on my GPA and great performances in college, I had three choices for my future when I was a senior. The first is postgraduate recommendation in my own school, which will be paid most by the government, the second is to find jobs, and the third is to have a further education abroad but paid by myself. I think over and over, decided to study abroad finally.

For another, I can also choose to find jobs. Actually, I have received an offer when I was a junior. But the salary was too low to live in Beijing. Apart from these, I love studying and dream of going abroad and seeing the world in person. As a result, I’m now in New York, the center of the world. And I’m grateful to accept the offer of NYU.

It is challenging for me to live abroad as a traditional Chinese, including the food, language, transportation, major, etc. However, New York is a comprehensive city, which covers all people no matter where you come from and which race you are. In New York, all things are attractive to me. I can come across different people from different culture, learn new knowledge that I have never known and see the world form a new angle. Every day is a new day. How novel these are! body

We are always faced with many choices at each stage of our life, just like me, the most important thing we need to remember is to know what we really want, then measure different choices. In the end, follow your heart and look forward.

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