"I have the best startup idea, I just need a developer now !"

Shubham SHARMA

I spent the last two years going to meetups and conferences around the world to meet and spend time with developers, but also entrepreneurs of all kind. Even though most conferences I attend were Tech conference. I met some totally non-technical people in there, seeking a technical co-founder.

One question that often comes on the table and has retain my attention : “I have a great startup idea, which will work for sure, but I ‘just’ need a Tech co-founder to code the project. I am offering equity ☺”. I can’t actually tell how this question irritates every single developer. Especially the word “Just” shows that some people have no estimates of the complexity of the development process and of the task of a Developer.

Oh com’on, it is just a web-app with some users management and it is connected to a small mobile application for Iphone and Android ! How much time does it take ?

I hardly believe that coding is not the only important skill in startup world, there is a bunch of other critical roles. But at a stage, where the Idea is the only strength of someone, this “someone” can not rely on it. This videos illustrate it really well. And don’t forget that developers have Ideas as well, you are not the only one. The common thing about those two Ideas is that, an Idea has no value without the right execution.

Non-technical founders need to work on their understanding of how non-trivial it is to develop a technical solution, especially for future a company, which is going to rely on it.

Are you in? All I need is for you to make the website

“How long would that take? A few weeks?”

If you are one these non-tech guy/girl with this speech, you don’t have the right talk to actually appeal developers. Try to understand what he would like work on. Show him, how expert you are in your domain and show him the value of this expertise. Here is a piece of content by @adrienjoly with Tips and resources on how to test, develop your startup idea, or find a developer/associate or CTO.

Don’t forget that you are the seeker and not him, so you will have to win his trust.

Shubham SHARMA

Written by

CMO @keymetrics_io #pm2, ⬡.js | Vulgarisation informatique sur @Youtube (www.digitalwink.fr) & #snapchatfamous : shub_s. ex @Mailjet @Epita

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